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Really Cool Artsy Boston Tote Bag

Really Cool Artsy Boston Tote Bag

Everyone needs a tote bag. But not everyone is cool enough to find a really cool artsy tote bag. Other people walk’ around with some random flimsy bag they got for free at their last work conference and all it does is remind them of sitting hungover through a lot of panel discussions about “the future of tech”. Not you.  You bought this cool tote bag designed by a lady who lives in Boston and likes this in Boston and so made some art about it.  And that is definitely cooler than the conference hangover bag.

This tote bag is printed with an original illustration of a map of Boston and each neighborhood has its own vibe. Head to the South End for a coffee from Flour, stop by Southie to admire the huge seagulls bravely stealing everyone’s sandwiches on the beach, and maybe swing by Eastie for a slice from Santarpio’s. 

15”x15” thick canvas tote printed with an original map of Boston. High quality tote that will hold all your treats on a Saturday morning outing or your laptop on the way to work!

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