Meet the Maker - Becca (& Butter the Dog)

Art, cards, and accessories hand-made in South Boston

My name is Becca and I'm the lady with the very busy brain behind Maker / Scholar.  I'm a part-time artist running this small business out of my home in South Boston.  I describe Maker / Scholar as "a busy brain making over-the-top art" because the greeting cards, custom art, and accessories I make are a creative outlet.  I'm a recent MBA grad who had to go to Harvard Business School to rediscover her love of doodling (not the worst outcome of a pandemic-era business school education).

I started Maker / Scholar as a way to sell my handmade holiday cards during Christmas 2020, but my love for greeting cards and thoughtful gifts goes wayyyy back.  I'm a first-generation college student who grew up with a lot of people working very hard for my education, so when I went away to college my grandmother would send me cards and small gifts for every holiday.  When I say "holiday", I use the term loosely - she found a reason to send me mail regardless of the season.  My family has a special tradition of making even the everyday ordinary things a holiday, and I've tried to bring that mentality into my small business.  I want to bring that feeling to more people through Maker / Scholar, giving people a little nudge or reminder to smile with even just a little silly snail mail.

Have any questions, feedback, or requests?  Please reach out!  You can find me at @makerscholar on Instagram or  Toss me a follow on social media if you don't mind a lot of pictures of Butter (my rescue dog) and too many doodles of food and cocktails.