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Anxious! Do not pet. | Cream-Colored Illustrated Bandana

Anxious! Do not pet. | Cream-Colored Illustrated Bandana

Cotton Bandana Screen Printed with Original Art

The perfect accessory for maintaining boundaries - and we all (especially my therapist) love boundaries!  Inspired by the many times Butter has howled at a stranger intruding on her personal space, and the many times I have wanted to howl at a stranger intruding my personal space, this bandana was printed with my art on a cornflower blue cotton fabric.  It shows a bad ass little cutie coyote howling at the moon, asking for men to stop touching the small of her back when they try to pass her at the coffee shop.


A perfect gift or accessory for humans and dogs alike.  Original art on a 20x20 cotton bandana.  Printed by Planet Apparel in San Diego, CA.

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