Three Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Three Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day is on Sunday, June 19... in other words, a mere week away.  I don't share that to scare you or send you running to Target in a tizzy to find the first generically-nice card and a new pair of socks to prep for dad's special day.  In fact, you have plenty of time to send your good old pops something super thoughtful for Father's Day.  Read on for three ideas for a thoughtful gift to give Dad on Father's Day.


First up: Put a down payment on a dinner date.

Have a favorite restaurant in your neighborhood?  Grab a gift card for your favorite spot and toss it into the Heavy Pour Coupon card to invite your dad to a night on the town the next time he visits.  You'll be supporting local businesses and planning a nice new memory for you and dad.


Another idea: Lean in to his hobbies.

It's always nice to show that you've listened to at least some of his rants about bird watching, or you've gone to the effort to learn a little bit about pasta-making, or you just remember that one time he said he'd "really like to get into gardening".  Peruse Etsy to find a maker who specializes in personalizing whatever tool or accessory he could use to better enjoy his hobby.  This business makes eerily realistic golf club covers that look like your favorite pooch, or you can just stop by your local hardware store to get a packet of wildflower seeds for his garden!  Then every time he's hitting the links or surveying his work in the back yard, he'll think of you and your friggin' awesome Father's Day gift.


And finally: Hire ME to paint him his own custom masterpiece.

If you have a dad with some empty wall space in your life, you can hire me to paint him something special that you couldn't get anywhere else.  A painting of your family dog, his favorite bar, or his award-winning lemon meringue pie... anything can become a masterpiece with some watercolor paper and my gouache set.  Fill out the contact form here to get the ball rolling on your own lovely commission.

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