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Wintah Wondahland Greeting Candle

Wintah Wondahland Greeting Candle

It’s a card, it’s a gift, and it smells really nice. It’s a Greeting Candle!  I’ve turned my holiday card designs into candles by matching each one with the perfect sent from Triple Decker Candle Co. and adding space on the back for a thoughtful note. 

“Wintah Wondahland” is a gingerbread-scented candle that’s perfect for the Masshole in your life that’s hoping for tickets to the Garden from Santa. 

Read more about Triple Decker Candle Co’s gingerbread scent here:

Gingerbread House- Smells just like gingerbread cookies and vanilla frosting. A delicious, nostalgic fragrance for your home during the holidays. Fragrance notes include orange peel, ginger, cream, butter, graham cracker, sugar, and cinnamon.

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